Public Information & Outreach

The purpose of public information work in Crystal Meth Anonymous is to inform the public that CMA exists and offers recovery from the disease of addiction. The Public Information & Outreach committee helps to ensure that accurate information about our fellowship is available to the public by providing informed volunteers to answer inquiries from the public, including media outlets.

The purpose of this subcommittee is to communicate accurate information about CMA to those outside the Fellowship. It does this by:

  • Operating the phone line.
  • Creating public service announcements.
  • Responding to routine requests for information from individuals and the media.
  • Referring requests for information that require approval or action by the Fellowship.

The committee responds to all requests with consistency and personal anonymity. Breaking that anonymity can cause harm to individual members as well as the Fellowship as a whole. The PI subcommittee provides an appropriate way for CMA to communicate with interested parties outside of CMA. Physicians, therapists, law enforcement agencies, and other professionals sometimes have more access to addicts than members of CMA, and educating those professionals can ultimately result in referrals of newcomers to the Fellowship.